We provide super speed to regular businesses that want to be faster online

With TinyCDN you get access to Amazon Web Services infrastructure in an easy to use, intuitive interface, that's priced to get you going now. No contracts, minimums, or commitments. Try TinyCDN now, Got 5 minutes?

We've done the hardwork. Now you're ready for speed.

It's all about speed. Big companies have the time and resources for a CDN but small to medium sided companies don't. In today's economy even larger companies are looking for something simplier, easier to understand and fewer purchasing obligations. TinyCDN leverages the power of Amazon Web Services and cloud computng to bring your site easy to use, affordable infrastructure built on an enterprise platform. This is not just another CDN offering, TinyCDN provides value in making the CDN easy to use with a focus on serving files in the most optimized way. Unlike other CDNs we provide scoring and advice. We want your site to be fast!

It's Intuitive and Easy to Use

  • Web-based (Saas)
  • Easy to implement
  • Fast to use
  • Affordable for all users
  • Predictable costs
  • No headaches!

Client Testimonials

TinyCDN seems to want to bring the benefits of CDNs to a larger group, and they may have done it. With a starter package of $9.95 (and a free trial) for 500 megabytes of storage and 10 gigabytes of transfer, it will surely gain some traction with small and medium size website owners.

Peter A Prestipino Website Magazine, May 15, 2009

If you've researched CDN's, you know how expensive it can be, depending on the size of your content and frequency of delivery. TinyCDN is a good example of a feasible solution from a complexity standpoint and budget concerns.

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